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About Us

SalvageSettlers is an online marketplace for purchase and sale of industrial salvage, inventories and capital equipments. You've no doubt heard the phrase, 'One man's trash is another man's treasure'. We simply help people dispose of their trash to someone for whom it is a treasure through the process of marketing it to a huge database of buyers. When multiple buyers see a use for the same item, it helps drive the price of your salvage up.

Online Auctions:

We market your salvage to people who understand the commodity and provide them proper information about the same like photographs, nature and extent of damages and so on. Our market makers make and create market for the salvage through various channels such as telecalls, door to door marketing, emails, SMS and so on. Interested people are invited to inspect the salvage and then participate in online competitive bidding after submission of an advance amount called Earnest Money Deposit (EMD). An online auction is planned and conducted on a particular date and time leading to bids coming in from various bidders defying the local boundaries. To think, something once thought to be beyond use suddenly sparking a bidding war. This is how we give your damaged or unwanted goods a new lease on life.

Salvor Services:

Our salvor service is the ultimate tool for insurance companies to optimize salvage realization by taking care of salvage from the very beginning. Our team can visit any given location throughout
India and handle any complex loss situation. As salvors, we identify salvage, take photographs, prepare quantitative and qualitative inventories, carry out segregation of damaged and undamaged items, help preserve salvage and arrive at its estimated market value with intent to get an optimum salvage realization through disposal in open market.

Some statistics:

  • Total transaction turnover of USD 3 million handled within 2 years since inception in 2007;
  • USD 1.7 million saved by the Indian insurance industry by utilizing SalvageSettlers when compared to recoveries by traditional methods of word of mouth negotiations and sealed tenders;
  • Average turn around time of 11 days.

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