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Salvor Services

The ultimate purpose of any salvaging activity is to mitigate loss by maximising the realisation of salvaged merchandise in market. As salvors our scope of work goes beyond just selling salvage. Proper inventory and subsequent valuation of salvage, for example, are important before proceeding for salvage sale. Business continuity of the affected party on the other hand would also be a priority for us as salvors.

Our comprehensive salvor services are the ultimate tool for Insurance companies to optimize salvage realization by taking care of salvage from the beginning. Just call eNet Procure, and our salvor team can promptly handle any difficult loss situation. Our Pan India presence allows us to quickly assess a situation and create an appropriate, affordable service solution that fits the unique characteristics of the loss. All it takes is one call. Just inform us the location and within hours, our salvor team can help you with:

Site Assessment:

  • Identification of salvage;

  • Recommendations for salvage protection;

  • Photography of affected and unaffected property;

  • Estimates of salvage values;

  • Discussing plans for inventory protection;

  • Planning to prevent further loss of profit due to business interruption.

Damage Evaluation:

  • Verify inventory;

  • Evaluate the nature and extent of damage;

  • Segregate the affected and unaffected stocks;

  • Arrange for product testing for contamination.

Inventory Preparation:

  • Segregate salvageable goods to prevent cross contamination;

  • Arrange for necessary cleaning and display preparation;

  • Determine inventory disposition strategies (palletizing, trucking, storage);

  • Estimate salvage value.

Brands and Labels Protection:

  • Cutting of brand and/or label;

  • Removal of label;

  • Salvage stamping / marking; or

  • Destruction of the property.

Sale of Stock:

eNet Procure offer you access to our worldwide marketplace, where we market the sale of your stock to our active database of buyers and to the open market.

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